The New Mutants Writer is Okay with All the Delays

The New Mutants seem to be cursed, constantly getting delayed for one reason or another. To be fair, the most recent delay was due to the Coronavirus but knowing how this film has been waiting for multiple years just to come out has to garner some sympathy. It doesn't matter if you were looking forward to this movie or think the film looks mediocre, the fact that this movie has not come out yet is depressing.

Well, it looks like some of the people responsible for this movie aren't too depressed about it. Knate Lee, the film's screenwriter, told Empire Magazine (Via CBR) that she's actually a bit happy that The New Mutants has received another delay. Lee comments about how the most recent Marvel films like Avengers: Endgame focused on being epic and big so having something more personal and claustrophobic will make this movie perfect for audiences when it comes out.

"In a weird way, I think the delay's been good for us. Last year, I saw the most epic, grand-scale superhero movie ever [Avengers: Endgame]. You can't go bigger than that. "So, it feels like the perfect time for a superhero movie that's more intimate and claustrophobic. And we still have so many 'firsts': we're the first Marvel horror, we're the first to feature a gay relationship. Even though we're late… we still beat everybody."

Hopefully, the movie is going to blow out minds and make us hope that this film gets a sequel. We know that isn't in the cards since Marvel has their own plans for the X-Men but we can dream can't we?

The New Mutants does not have a release date yet.

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