Doctor Strange Star Benedict Cumberbatch is Admiral Thrawn in Menacing New Image

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Credit: Marvel Studios

It won't be long until we see the live-action debut of arguably one of the biggest villains in Star Wars history and it's safe to assume that it could all go down in TheMandalorian. In case you failed to catch last week's episode, Chapter 13 teased the arrival of Grand Admiral Thrawn and to the fans who have been following the saga for decades now, you're very much aware by now of the threat he ensues.

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Credit: Lucasfilm

We still don't know yet which actor could potentially take on the role of Thrawn but of course, longtime followers of the saga already have someone in mind and that's none other than Lars Mikkelsen who voiced the character in Rebels. If Lucasfilm fails to convince Mikkelsen to return, they have another option as Doctor Strange actor Benedict Cumberbatch is also one of the top candidates amongst fans to play the character in live-action form and it isn't too hard to understand why.

To hype up the fantasy casting, artist ApexForm shared his astonishing artwork featuring the Marvel actor as Grand Admiral Thrawn, and man, he looks ultra-menacing. Not only that, but Cumberbatch looks pretty convincing as well. Check it out here:

I don't know about you but Jon Favreau and his crew might have to consider this one as it has the potential to be great. After all, this is Benedict Cumberbatch we're talking about. Apart from being a brilliant and well-versed actor, he also has an idea of what it's like to take on a sci-fi role so I say, cast him already.

That said, Season 2 of The Mandalorian is already streaming on Disney+.

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