Doctor Strange Star Benedict Cumberbatch Breaks Silence on Harry Styles' Eternals Cameo

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Credit: Harry Styles

There has been a persistent Marvel rumor that pop star and former One Direction member Harry Styles is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Longtime followers of Styles are already no stranger to the singer's acting chops but the idea of him joining the billion-dollar franchise seems a little too soon for some. This is why a lot of people were dumbfounded when he indeed showed up in the post-credits scene of Eternals as previously rumored.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Given his pop star status, it's only natural that some comic book fans weren't so welcoming of his addition to arguably the biggest cinematic franchise right now and after his Eternals cameo leaked, the entire MCU fandom became divided.

Turns out, even his Marvel co-star and fellow Brit Benedict Cumberbatch was surprised to learn that Styles is now part of the MCU's roster. But unlike some fans who reacted violently to his involvement as a major character, the Doctor Strange actor had nothing but praise for the Dunkirk star. Speaking with ET Online, Cumberbatch said: "I didn't even know he was, I'm so out of the loop. He's great, really great."

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It's evident that Styles will play a major role in the MCU as Eros aka Starfox but his stunning debut in Eternals obviously didn't give away that much. Now, considering his personal ties with the now-deceased Thanos, it'll be interesting to see if Eros will seek revenge for his brother's demise. Given Harry's popularity with fans though, I don't see Marvel Studios turning him into a villainous character. If anything, he's probably going to be a valuable ally to the Celestials.

Marvel Studios' Eternals is set to make its Disney+ debut in January 2022.

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