Doctor Strange Director Shows 'Love' For Martin Scorsese With Sarcastic Instagram Post

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Martin Scorsese's controversial Marvel comments have been talked about for a month now. It even got to the point where The Irishman director made an op-ed under the New York Times to further talk about his choice of words and how people found his comments as an insult. Notable figures from the franchise already weighed in on his comments but it seems like Doctor Strange director has something more to say.

In a recent Instagram post, Scott Derrickson posted an edited photo of what is actually the Marvel studios logo. The words were replaced with Martin Scorsese's name and even added the caption, "I love…" You can check out the image below.

His post could be seen as somewhat sarcastic since multiple Marvel news pop out almost every day along with Scorsese's comment on the matter. Perhaps this could be a way to say that some people lost track of what the issue actually is about and just focused on one specific part of the argument. Which in this case, is Scorsese's cinema comment on Marvel movies.


Of course, this is very likely just a joke or a hilarious take on the issue and it isn't actually attacking Scorsese in any way. Even some fans commented that both Marvel and Scorsese made great movies but still found Derrickson's post funny.

With that said, there's no telling what Derrickson actually meant in his post. But either way, it could only just be a joke to be positive about the issue.

What are your thoughts on Derrickson's post? Do you think he's telling some sort of message to Scorsese? Tell us below!

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