Doctor Slump Kiss Scene Explained: Park Hyung-Sik and Shin-Hye Rekindle Romance

doctor slump kiss scene
Credit: SLL | HighZium Studio

doctor slump kiss scene
Credit: SLL | HighZium Studio

The latest episode of the romantic comedy K-drama, Doctor Slump featured a kiss scene that had fans kicking their feet and giggling on their screens. Here's why fans are psyched to finally see Park Hyung-Sik and Park Shin-Hye kiss on screen.

CONTENT SPOILERS: This article contains spoilers for the 2024 K-drama, Doctor Slump, so proceed with caution.

Doctor Slump Episode 10: Fans Rejoice as the Main Couple Reunite with a Kiss

doctor slump kiss scene
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Credit: SLL | HighZium Studio

Episode 10 of Doctor Slump premiered on Sunday, February 25, and fans couldn't hold in their cheers for the reunited rivals-turned-lovers couple, Yeo Jeong-Woo (played by Park Hyung-Sik) and Ha-Neul (Park Shin-Hye).

While the series revolves around the thought-provoking medical drama, it also tells the growing love story between these two characters who used to be academic rivals in high school.

14 years later, these two have developed feelings for each other. Despite going through a breakup, they eventually shared their new kiss to start over with a renewal of their relationship.

Canonically, in the series, the timeline is a bit too long before reaching the turning point in their relationship. However, this is not the timeline that fans are quite thrilled about.

Most of the new K-drama fans may be unaware, but this kiss scene means a lot more to those who have been watching these two actors at play since 2013. That series happens to be The Heirs.

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Fans Have Been Waiting For Doctor Slump's Kiss Scene Since 2013's The Heirs

Park Hyung-Sik and Park Shin-Hye's first collaborative work in a series was back in 2013's The Heirs, where Hyung-Sik was Jo Myung-soo and Shin-Hye played the starring role of Cha Eun-Sang.

Their roles are not that any different from their Doctor Slump counterparts, except that this time, the two actors get to finally share their kiss.

Prior to the debut of Doctor Slump, the starring leads Park Hyung-Sik and Park Shin-Hye shared sentimental memories of getting to work together again.

"[Hyung-Sik's] personality is still as great as ever." Shin-Hye told Elle Korea magazine (via Soompi) when asked how different her co-star is now in their ongoing drama series, "He's good at accepting other people's opinions, so I felt really comfortable working together with him."

Hyung-Sik's perspective is not any different. The actor relayed how busier he was working in 2013, as compared to Doctor Slump, indicating that he was "only able to properly watch [Shin-Hye]'s acting this time" which impressed him.

Hyung-Sik admits he "learned a lot from watching her", considering that "nothing is mechanical" about her acting, which cemented their relationship in real life, as well, making the kiss all the more memorable for fans.

Stay tuned for Doctor Slump episode 11, which premieres on Netflix on March 2.

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