Do Ichigo and Orihime End Up Together in Bleach?

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Do Ichigo and Orihime End Up Together in Bleach?

Most of the show’s fans want Ichigo and Orihime to end up together in Bleach. The two of them started as only mutual friends of Tatsuki Arisawa. However, that was not their first encounter. Ichigo and Orihime met after she dragged her older brother, named Sora, to the clinic which was surprisingly owned by Ichigo’s father.

The two had another connection which was after Ichigo gained the Soul Reaper’s powers. He discovered that Orihime was attacked by a masked spirit, which they found out was the corrupted soul of her brother. She later joined Ichigo on his adventures after she revealed that she also has latent spiritual powers.

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Do Ichigo and Orihime End Up Together in Bleach?

Do Ichigo and Orihime End Up Together in Bleach? 1
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The answer is a big yes! Towards the end of the Bleach manga, Ichigo chose Orihime to help him during his battle against Yhwach. They lost, unfortunately, but they did put up a good fight. 10 years after the battle, the two of them got married and had a son which they named Kazui.

Orihime did not expect that Ichigo will treat her more than a friend. Sure, he cares about her but he is like that to everyone. She was satisfied with the thought that she is always by his side. What she did not know is that Ichigo has a soft spot for her and is dedicated to protecting her at all costs.

This was proven time and time again as villains knew how important she is to him. They would use her as leverage to keep him fighting. It came to the point that he revived after hearing her crying out to him. Their relationship was tested a lot of times too. Ulquiorra even threatened Orihime that she would kill her friends if she does not join their side.

With no choice, Orihime agreed but said one last goodbye to Ichigo while he was sleeping. She confessed her love for him and even attempted to kiss him but decided not to in the end. He found out about the abduction later on and did everything he can to bring her back.

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