The Romantic Development Between Charlotte and Allen in A Crash Course of Naughtiness Explained

Do Charlotte and Allen End Up Together in A Crash Course of Naughtiness?
Credit: Zero-G / Digital Network Animation

Do Charlotte and Allen End Up Together in A Crash Course of Naughtiness?
Credit: Zero-G / Digital Network Animation

Allen Crawford and Charlotte Evans are one of the many anime pairings in the Fall 2023 season. They are the main characters from I'm Giving the Disgraced Noble Lady I Rescued a Crash Course in Naughtiness, a comedy, fantasy, and romance anime. But do Charlotte and Allen end up together?

While the show's title, A Crash Course in Naughtiness, suggests something illicit, the love story between Charlotte and Allen is wholesome and sweet.

Both of them have no idea what love is, but as the story progresses, unexpected feelings emerge from their hearts.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers from the anime's light novel and manga series.

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Does Charlotte Like Allen in A Crash Course of Naughtiness?

Charlotte Evans has romantic feelings for Allen Crawford despite being an airhead in the early events of A Crash Course of Naughtiness.

Charlotte is a 17-year-old runaway noble who fled from the Kingdom of Neruz after her engagement with the second prince Cecil was annulled due to her alleged misdeeds.

She was labeled as a convict who was rumored to be a despicable woman who extravagantly spent the country’s tax money, had secret meetings with countless other men repeatedly, and had plans to assassinate the king.

In reality, Charlotte is an innocent girl who, on the surface, is treated just like family, but inside the house, she is treated like a servant because she is the actual daughter of a mistress.

Charlotte is an illegitimate child who can’t properly face her feelings, so she becomes used to suppressing her emotions.

She also runs away from facing how she feels, ultimately abandoning her feelings altogether.

But when Charlotte winds up near Allen Crawford’s mansion, everything changes.

Charlotte opened her heart to Allen after she decided to live with him as his housemaid.

Does Allen Crawford Likes Charlotte Evans in A Crash Course of Naughtiness?

Allen Crawford likes Charlotte Evans romantically as well. Similar to Charlotte, Allen was an airhead who didn’t know that he was falling hard for Charlotte.

He even wanted to hide his feelings for Charlotte but to no avail. He simply can’t resist Charlotte’s beauty, personality, and so on.

Allen treats Charlotte as his precious woman, going so far as to declare it in front of many people who are trying to harm her.

He believes that he fell in love with Charlotte at first sight, since he’s not the type of person who will care for another person the way he cares for Charlotte.

Does Allen Crawford Like Charlotte Evans?
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Credit: Zero-G / Digital Network Animation

In the past, Allen lived a life without bittersweet events, and words like “like” and “love” were unfortunately not listed in his dictionary.

This explains why Allen had a hard time processing his growing feelings for Charlotte.

He even thought that he was acting like a father or a brother to Charlotte instead of a lover.

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Allen cares so much for Charlotte that he is willing to eliminate all the bad people who exploit Charlotte’s kindness.

He will not think twice about killing Charlotte’s captors or any people who pose a threat to his girl.

So, Do Charlotte Evans and Allen Crawford End Up Together? Their Story So Far

So far, Charlotte and Allen are dating each other in A Crash Course of Naughtiness. They are expected to end up together since the storyline is building their relationship toward a beautiful and happy ending.

It will also not be surprising if we see the two of them married by the end of the light novel and manga series.

After all, Allen and Charlotte almost did everything together, and there’s no time in the series where Allen has to take his eyes off of his precious woman.

Allen is a very protective man, quite obsessed with knowing everything about Charlotte. Her likes, wants, desires—everything that will make Charlotte the happiest girl in the world.

So, Do Charlotte and Allen End Up Together in A Crash Course of Naughtiness?
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Credit: Zero-G / Digital Network Animation

He only wants Charlotte to live each day with a laugh and not be scared anymore.

Moreover, Allen doesn’t care if Charlotte hits him, steps on him, or how much Charlotte curses at him; whatever else she does at some point, he will not abandon her.

Allen vows to always be by Charlotte’s side, no matter what happens in the future. The same can be said with Charlotte, who’s always happy as long as Allen is by her side.

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