05 Jul 2017 3:25 PM +00:00 UTC

District 9 Director Neill Blompkamp Wants Fans To Pick His Next Movie

Science fiction director Neill Blomkamp is asking fans to help him choose his next film project online. The director known for films like District 9, Chappie and Elysium may have given up working on Alien 5, however the filmmaker is now ready to work on a new movie under Oats Studio and he's looking to fans to help him decided.

The South African-Canadian filmmaker has just recently released three shortfilms on YouTube, all three of which run at less than 30 minutes on the site. The first one titled Rakka is set in 2020 and shows the aftermath of an alien invasion on earth with the resistance led by Sigourney Weaver and a former convict named Amir.

The second is called Cooking With Bill is a freaky infomercial that spans only 3 minutes. The third, Firebase depicts a series of strange and gory deaths in the Vietnam War caused by the River God.


In an interview with Nerdist, Blomkamp explains his project saying that:

"The main goal eventually, if it's possible, is to raise enough money from the audience to make films independently. There are four films in [Oats Studios] Volume 1, and then there are other weird, smaller pieces that go between them. So if the audience online has seen four films by the time Volume 1 is done, and there are enough people who liked what they saw, one option is we make Volume 2 and charge for it so we can make Volume 3."

Blomkamp also mentioned crowd-funding as one of his options, though he did think that it wasn't really a viable option for his projects. While the director's proposed methods for his projects seem a bit unconventional and DIY, it's pretty noble how Blomkamp is trying to go out of the system that he describes as a " a dumpster fire of money" and instead focus on his art.

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