Disney’s Live-Action Mulan Said to Undergo ‘Extensive Reshoots’

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The live-action Mulan film had undergone some kind of trouble online after the main star Yifei Liu made a statement supporting the Hong Kong police, and now it looks like production has gotten a huge snag in the form of reshoots.

As per The DisInsider, the upcoming Disney live-action adaptation is going to undergo ‘months' of ‘extensive reshoots' which could go on until February 2020, a month before the planned release. We don't have any official details on what the film is going to be working on, but it's said that test screenings have gone poorly for the film, and the reshoots will seek to remedy that; it's also said that the reshoots will have something to do with the main battle scenes.

We know that one of the chief complaints of fans is that the movie will not be featuring any of the songs from the animated film. After the success of all the other adaptations, it would be kind of weird that Mulan would be steering away from that tradition, but seeing that director Niki Caro could be going for a period war drama, it would make sense that she would remove the musical numbers.


Then again, why bother keeping it under the Disney banner if they aren't going to go all out? I haven't even begun to talk about the complaints about Mushu being replaced by a non-talking phoenix.

While reshoots are a normal part of every production, having it take place in a span of months is kind of worrying. Hopefully, it all turns out for the best like Rogue One and not like X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Mulan is set for a release on March 27, 2020.

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