Disney's Fox Acquisition Deal Could Push Through Right Before The End Of The Year

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Disney is once again actively pursuing the acquisition of Twentieth Century Fox, and the deal is said to be very close to pushing through. There are really no specifics about how far the negotiations have gone, but everything could possibly come together when the year ends.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Murdoch family is hoping to close a transaction by the end of 2017, and Disney is currently competing for the acquisition with Comcast. With Fox's assets currently sitting at a value of more than $48 billion, Disney will have to cough up some serious cash if they want this deal to happen.

For now, Fox is said to only interested in selling all their entertainment assets so they could focus more on their news media. If Disney were to make the acquisition, we could be looking at Marvel potentially merging with Fox's superhero assets—meaning that we could have the entire Marvel Universe existing in one studio; Avengers with X-Men, Spider-Man with Deadpool.


There's also the possibility that the deal couldn't push through, but I think that everyone would prefer it if Disney was the one who got the X-Men instead of Comcast. Then again, the Disney acquisition could lead to the getting some serious "toning down" of some of their more risqué movies—specifically Deadpool.

Will the deal push through? Time will tell, but hopefully it all comes down to the MCU being the best version of itself.

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