Disney+ Will be Offered as an Add-On for Hulu Subscribers

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While everyone is waiting for the release of Disney+ this September, a lot of people are dreading the thought of adding one more streaming service on their bills. Good for Hulu subscribers though, because it looks like Disney+ will be an add-on for their service.

This was confirmed by Hulu Senior Vice President of Originals Craig Erwich who revealed at the Television Critics Association (via SlashFilm) that, just like with HBO and CBS All Access, Disney+ can also be added onto your Hulu subscription, allowing users to view both services in one place.

It would make sense that the add-on would be allowed for Hulu, seeing as Disney actually owns the service as well. It's still unclear though, if subscribers will get a special discount for adding via Hulu or whether it will be the same price for non-Hulu subscribers.


Personally, I don't really know what to feel about Disney coming up with their own streaming service. Sure the promise of more original content is nice, but a lot of people are dreading the idea that they have to subscribe to more things just to get access to specific content.

I guess one upside with Disney+ is it promises to be cheaper. As of now, it's said that Disney is going to charge $6.99 per month with $69.99 an annual price. Of course, we should suspect this to change at some point, but with Disney owning both Star Wars and Marvel, it's too good a deal to pass up.

Disney+ launches this coming Nov. 12.

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