Disney Reportedly Decided to Stop Releasing Live-Action Movies in 4K Ultra HD

It looks like Disney has decided on putting an end to the release of physical 4k Ultra HD copies of live-action catalog titles from various studious under its umbrella including its recent acquisition, 20th Century Fox.

According to a report by The Digital Bits, sources in the industry close to Disney have said that the House of Mouse has made an internal decision to suspend the production and release of 4k Ultra HD copies of titles in their own vaults and in other studious.

This doesn't mean that Disney has turned away from the format though. New releases and classic animated Star Wars and Marvel projects are going to continue receiving 4K Ultra HD releases. In the future though, other catalog titles will only have 4k releases only through 4k digital means.

This is big news for Disney fans, and while we always advise readers to take rumors with a large grain of salt, The Digital Bits says that it's checked with multiple reliable sources regarding the matter.

The last classic releases getting a 4K release is Home Alone and Hocus Pocus which are both set to arrive on Physical 4k next month.

It seems like this decision has been made so that the studio can focus on building Disney+. The streaming platform has been quite a success, bringing in more than 54.5 million subscribers a little over half a year since Disney+'s launch.

Disney has yet to make a comment on the matter, however, we may expect an announcement in the coming months.

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