Disney+ Reportedly Creating Tom Holland Spider-Man Animated Series

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There was a collective sigh of relief when Sony announced that it had fix things with Disney, allowing Tom Holland's Spider-Man to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a brand new agreement. Now that Peter Parker's safe with a third standalone movie under the Marvel banner, rumors have begun circulating saying that Marvel also wants Holland to star in a Spider-Man animated series for Disney's new streaming site, Disney+.

According to Mikey Sutton from the Lords of the Longbox channel, word on the street has it that Marvel wants to create a Spider-Man Disney+ animated series with Holland voicing Spidey.


The channel claims that Disney no longer needs to get permission from Sony because the studio only owns the wallcrawler's film rights.

Interestingly enough, earlier this month, Holland sort of teased involvement in a TV series. Taking to social media as part of a video campaign, the British actor was met with a remark about how a fan hopes that Holland would have his own TV series someday.

Holland was eager to respond, saying that fans probably won't have to wait that long. Could this Spider-Man series be what the actor meant back then?

It's pretty possible, however, Holland's new contract with Marvel and with Sony may prevent the project from moving forward so let's keep our fingers crossed for now. We'll just have to wait for announcements from Marvel.

Disney+ launches on November 12, 2019. Spider-Man 3, on the other hand, premieres on July 16, 2021.

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