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Disney Reportedly Considering An Indiana Jones Land At Disney World

It looks like the Mickey Mouse House is thinking of opening an Indiana Jones mini-land at its Walt Disney World in Orlando.

According to a new report by Orlando Weekly, Disney is currently in the process of considering whether or not it should work on a mini Indiana Jones land at the Hollywood Studios park in Disney World, the same place where Star Wars Galaxy Edge will be placed. While Lucasfilm is mostly known for its films and series from George Lucas' galaxy far, far away, the studio also has another notable franchise under its care – Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones.

The Indiana Jones franchise produced four highly-succesful blockbuster films after Raiders of the Lost Ark made its debut in 1981 and while there have been issues with the fifth installment in the franchise, Lucasfilm is planning to get the movie out in 2021.

Now, with a new movie on the way, Disney is planning to ramp up the hype on the Indiana Jones franchise by constructing a mini Indiana Jones land to replace the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular! Attraction that is currently at the Hollywood Studios park at Disney World. Though there's still no word on what rides would be included in the Indiana Jones mini-land, it's very likely that park goers are going to see dining areas as well as gift shops.

Of course, knowing how much time it takes to work on a park, Disney's proposed Indiana Jones land would probably start opening around 2020, a year before the fifth Indiana Jones movie makes its way to cinemas. Let's wait and see.

Indiana Jones 5 is scheduled for release July 09, 2021.

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