Disney Removes The New Mutants' MCU Connection in D23 Newsletter

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There is little doubt that the upcoming premiere of The New Mutants already has fans excited considering that it could mean that the X-Men will be officially connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, it looks like Disney has other ideas. A new report reveals that the House of Mouse has removed the Josh Boone film and its possible MCU connections for its D23 newsletter.

The report comes from Comicbook.com which reveals that Disney had originally promoted The New Mutants as being part of the MCU. The original write-up for the film reads as follows:

"There's a seriously electrifying new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it comes in the form of the latest from Twentieth Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment…


"The New Mutants is an original horror thriller set in an isolated hospital, where a group of young mutants is being held for psychiatric monitoring. When strange occurrences begin to take place, both their new mutant abilities and their friendships will be tested as they battle to try and make it out alive."

It's an exciting update but this has reportedly been removed from the D23 newsletter. For now, it is unclear why Disney has decided to take down the write-up but there is a possibility that the studio wants to make sure that The New Mutants will not be considered a part of the MCU. Interestingly, it could also confirm that the X-Men and related properties are set for a major reboot in future Marvel projects.

The New Mutants is scheduled for release on April 1.

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