Disney Introduces The Other Characters of DuckTales Reboot With New Images

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Earlier this year, Disney announced that it was rebooting the DuckTales animated series for a new generation of viewers and with the new show premiering this summer on Disney XD, the network's decided to release a slew of new images from the reboot.

Covering the different characters in the DuckTales reboot, Entertainment Weekly also talks with the series' co-producer Francisco Angones about what the series is going to be all about.


"One of the things we always loved about the old show was that it was this family of adventurers, but the emphasis in every episode had always been on the adventure and plotline.The basic conceit of growing our show was that this is a big blended family of adventurers, so it should feel like a combination of Indiana Jones and a blended Arrested Development-style family sitcom where every character has a different relationship to one another."

Sticking to the "adventure-of-the-week" formula of the original DuckTales while hinting at a season-long serialization, the series' big mystery for its first season is the family secret on why Donald and Scrooge stopped spelunking together – a secret that's been kept by the duck family for more than a decade.

Here are a few DuckTales character images as well as screen shots the publication shared with fans. Check it down below:

Donald Duck

Gladstone Gander


Goldie O'Gilt


Ma Beagle and the Beagle Boys

Flintheart Glomgold

Mark Beaks

With its first season running with 21 thirty-minute episodes and 2 specials that last for an hour, the DuckTales reboot has a lot of Hollywood actors lined up to voice cast the different characters. David Tennant from Doctor Who and Jessica Jones is playing Scrooge McDuck, Community's Danny Pudi is doing the voice of Huey, Ben Schwartz from Parks and Recreation is voicing Dewey, Bobby Moynihan from SNL is doing Louie, Garfunkel and Oats comedian Kate Miccuci is voicing Webby and Lin-Manuel Miranda who created Hamilton is working on Gizmoduck.

Looks like DuckTales is going to be pretty big on Disney. There's no exact release date just yet, but DuckTales is set to premiere on Disney XD on August 2017.

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