Disney Explains Why Guy Ritchie Was Chosen To Direct Aladdin

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Disney fans were pretty confused when Disney announced that it was making a live-action Aladdin movie with director Guy Ritchie. The filmmaker wasn't known for kooky PG-13 movies. Ritchie's films like Man from U.N.C.L.E., Sherlock Holmes, RocknRolla, and The Revolver were all usually faced-paced action movies.

Speaking in an interview with ComicBook.com,Aladdin producer Dan Lin explained why Disney decided to hire Richie for the part. According to the producer, a lot of the reason why the filmmaker was chosen to direct the film was because of where Ritchie currently was in his career. Apparently, the British director wanted to get back to his roots and make movies his family could enjoy.

"I had known him very well from the previous two movies and what I discovered was that his kids loved the Aladdin original animated movie, as did his wife," Lin told the publication.

Apparently, Ritchie's family loved the original animated Aladdin movie as well as the Broadway musical. So the producer decided to send him a script of the movie "because he was at the sage of his career which I was at many years ago where I wanted to make movies for my kids."

Lin was right choosing Ritchie. Sure, the film might not have been the most critically-acclaimed entry in Disney's long line of remakes, but it sure did well at the box office. Making more than $1 billion at the box office, there have been discussions for a sequel to the live-action Aladdin.

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