Disney Confirms Robin Hood Remake With Blindspotting Director

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It looks like we're getting yet another remake of a Disney classic and this time, it's Robin Hood. The House of Mouse has confirmed that the CGI animation reboot is already in development and they already found a director.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that the 1973 animated flick Robin Hood will be getting a remake. Blindspotting director Carlos Lopez Estrada has reportedly signed on to work on the reboot while Kari Granlund will pen the screenplay. Granlund has previously worked on last year's remake of Lady and the Tramp. In addition to that, Justin Springer is set to produce the new project.

Robin Hood is an interesting film to tackle considering that it's a musical comedy with anthropomorphic animals depicting classic characters like Little John, Friar Tuck, and Maid Marian. We're not sure how all this is going to look but it could be strange to see a fox version of the heroic outlaw in CGI.

It was previously reported that Disney is also developing a live-action (CGI) remake of Bambi similar to what Jon Favreau did for The Lion King. At this point, it looks like just about every Disney film that featured animals could be getting a reboot.

Disney has not yet given the Robin Hood remake an official production start date or an official release date. However, the new project is expected to stream on Disney+ in the near future.

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