Disney CEO is Optimistic About Mulan Making Its July Release Date

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It's been a rough realization but most of us have accepted the fact that this epidemic is here for the long haul and we should be grateful that we're allowed to be safe in our homes. That being said, things have been rough for the movie industry and other businesses in general as they've had to cease regular working days, costing them money. Disney is hoping that things will be better by July since they're still planning on releasing Mulan this July.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek says that the people in their company are optimistic and hope that things are better by then, stating that July is a pretty solid release date, given the current events. We hope he's right, not because the movie is going to be good (though the trailers are pretty solid) but because things are just really depressing now.

"At Disney, we're a bunch of optimists, and I think that's a very good release date for this particular title."

Mulan was expected to come out a few months ago but COVID-19 started becoming more of a threat by then. This has resulted in delays for multiple movies, though we're hoping that all of these extended quarantines can make things better. Here's hoping that Mulan is worth the wait, despite how mediocre the Disney live-action remakes have been and the lead actor's opinions about Hong Kong.

Disney's Mulan is expected to hit theaters on July 24.


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