Disney Allegedly Wants Ryan Reynolds to Star in Atlantis Movie

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Though Mulan didn't make the money Disney was hoping it would, the studio is still pushing forward with these remakes. With rumors going around that there are plans to adapt Atlantis: The Lost Empire, word has come out that Disney has found someone they would like to star in the film.

According to insider Daniel Richtman (via Full Circle Cinema), Disney is looking at Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds to star in a live-action adaptation of Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise's Atlantis: The Lost Empire. We don't have any details on who they want Reynolds to play, but it should be expected that they want him to play lead character Milo Thatch.

Personally, I think Reynolds is too bulky to play the clumsy and awkward Thatch. If anything, I would prefer if they have Reynolds play the villain, Commander Rourke. At 42-years-old, Reynolds could be a tad young, but I think he can play off a great sarcastic villain, and he has the imposing physicality to feel like a major threat.


Besides, Reynolds kind of plays the good guy all the time, and it would be great if we could see him in a different kind of role once in a while. Even when he's branded as an anti-hero in Deadpool, he's still pretty much leaning to the side of good.

For now, you can catch Reynolds in Free Guy, which is set to come out on Dec. 11, 2020. Disney has not officially announced an Atlantis: The Lost Empire remake.

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