Disney+ Digitally Removes Nudity from a Tom Hanks Classic

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We all knew Disney+ wasn't going to be as raunchy as Netflix or even Hulu but it looks like the studio is working a little too hard to make sure they have a family-friendly product. A video has made the rounds about how Disney+ edited the Tom Hanks movie Splash to censor any and all nudity that appears in that film, which has made for a really awkward experience.

Granted, most of us signed up for Disney+ to watch content from Disney, Marvel Studios, and anything Star Wars-related but this is pretty ridiculous. We're sure no one would have blinked an eye if they had a section for adults but that's just not the Disney way I suppose. As fans can see below, Splash covers the woman's butt by digitally altering her hair so that it completely covers her backside.

Honestly, it's pretty pathetic and we can only imagine what they'll do to the Netflix-Marvel shows. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, in particular, were pretty raunchy and a lot of fans respected the shows for going in that direction to give us an adult superhero story but this is pretty ridiculous.

Splash isn't the only movie that's been affected since a number of shows and movies have also gotten censors that were implemented in Blu-Ray releases or were mandated from other countries, like Lilo and Stitch. We understand why Disney would want to keep a bunch of their content family-friendly but there should be an option to see how some of these movies looked like in their original slates.


Oh well, at least Disney+ fans will always have The Mandalorian, not to mention the big MCU shows coming out soon.

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