Director Shawn Levy Shares Appreciation For The Adam Project's Positive Reviews

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The Adam Project was a massive success for the streaming service, Netflix. Directed by Shawn Levy who reunited with Free Guy lead star Ryan Reynolds, in a new Scifi time-traveling action-adventure film.

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The Sci-fi action film was released on March 11 on Netflix and was instantly praised by critics and the audiences. The Adam Project is currently labeled as certified fresh by Rotten Tomatoes and the audiences seem to enjoy Ryan Reynolds' new adventure. Aside from the general audience, the film is also being praised by celebrities, with John Krasinski admitting that he cried during the film, and Hugh Jackman putting his feud on hold with Reynolds to praise The Adam Project.

In a recent tweet by director Shawn Levy, the director shares his appreciation for the positive reviews of The Adam Project.

While The Adam Project is in the Scifi-adventure category, it didn't hold back in discussing emotional family themes. Reuniting with your younger self, seeing your mother once again, and having the chance for reconciliation with your diseased father certainly captured the audience. In recent reports, Ryan Reynolds also revealed that he took personal inspiration from the film with his deceased father, and how the actor and his siblings comforted their mother after their father passed away. Jennifer Garner who plays Adam’s mother also reflected on being a real-life mother.

Alongside Ryan Reynolds, he is joined by Walker Scobell as young Adam, Zoe Saldana as Laura, Jennifer Garner as Adam’s mother, and Mark Ruffalo as Adam's deceased father. The film also reunited Ruffalo and Garner after more than a decade from 2004's 13 Going On 30.

Now, looks like Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy made an unbreakable bond from filming Free Guy and The Adam Project. In recent reports, Reynolds and Levy confirmed that they would reunite again in MCU's highly-anticipated Deadpool 3.

The Adam Project is streaming on Netflix.

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