Diego Luna Addresses Andor Season 1's Low Viewership

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It’s not rocket science that Star Wars is a popular franchise. With its extensive catalog of projects, fans are presumed to tune in with every release. Despite Andor gaining its dedicated viewers for being the best-reviewed Star Wars series since The Mandalorian, it’s undeniable that it’s still chasing its intended audience, and it has the capacity to live up to the fame of other shows in the fictional universe.


According to the data from Parrot Analytics, Andor’s viewership falls nowhere near the other two critically acclaimed Star Wars projects, Obi-Wan Kenobi and The Mandalorian. In a recent interview, Diego Luna, who plays the titular role, reflects on the audience’s reception of the show while highlighting the role of social media in terms of getting reviews.

“I love now that we have the opportunity to actually get feedback. Through social media and the reviews. It seems that if you know how to handle it, it’s very useful, in fact. You have to see if the reasons that made you do something, or what you were aiming for, is actually what’s getting out there, you know? And with this show it’s very special, because the words and the concept and the ideas we had, is what people are celebrating, which I love.” narrated Luna.


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He continued, “Tony was always reminding us ‘Everything needs to have a meaning, there has to be a reason for things to happen, it has to be real, this has to be happening.’ And then you go to the reviews and it’s like ‘It’s so real!’ The series has been celebrated for the same reason I decided to do it, you know? And that is unique, and it doesn’t happen often.”

Andor did not debut in the Top 10 of Nielsen’s overall ratings at the time of its release, yet the welcoming remarks of the Rogue One star show that they appreciate the growing audience of the series who are taking the time to commend the show for what it is.


Many believe that the audience's acceptance of Andor doesn't reflect its caliber of storytelling and cinematography because it deserves more. Fans hope that as the story progresses and the shows get renewed, fans will pay more attention.

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Season one of Andor is streaming on Disney Plus.

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