Did Luther and Allison Die In Umbrella Academy Season 3?

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Credit: Netflix

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Umbrella Academy Season 3! Read at your own risk!

Remember when Netflix teased about hearing a rumor that someone would not survive in Umbrella Academy Season 3? Well, they were not joking at all. The twists and turns of the show continue to baffle everyone as deaths entered the picture. Did they just kill off Allison and Luther? But, why?

Did Luther and Allison Die In Umbrella Academy Season 3?

Did Luther and Allison Die In Umbrella Academy Season 3?
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Credit: Netflix
Did Luther and Allison Die In Umbrella Academy Season 3?

In Umbrella Academy Season 3, Allison and Sir Reginald agree to get together the Hargreeves siblings for Project Oblivion and he gets Claire and Raymond alive for Allison in exchange for her cooperation in his plan.

At first, Allison helps him as planned but soon after she realizes that the Oblivion machine is feeding off of her siblings’ power as fuel, after Reginald resets, Allison sacrifices herself to be the power source and spare the lives of her siblings. This means that Allison, in the new timeline, is for sure, dead.

For Luther, everyone’s eyes are on Umbrella Academy Season 3 Episode 9, Seven Bells, when no one saw it coming that in the Sparrow timeline, Sir Reginald Hargreeves stabbed Luther while in the White Buffalo suite and left him to bleed to death after which his siblings gathered to understand what just happened. In the Sparrow timeline, Luther really dies and he meets Klaus in the Void or the Afterlife.

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However, Luther remains alive after the reset of Allison where the siblings gather at a courtyard where the Hotel Obsidian was located. However, even when he comes back alive along with his other siblings sans Allison, they realize that the reset has taken something from them, their powers.

To date, there is still no confirmation whether there would be a Season 4 for Umbrella Academy as it was not yet given a renewal before the release of Season 3 despite the rumor mill going wild that another run will be happening for the beloved Netflix show.

Umbrella Academy Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.


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