Did Light Love Misa in Death Note?

Did Light Love Misa in Death Note
Credit: Madhouse

Did Light Love Misa in Death Note
Credit: Madhouse

Death Note might be among the most iconic 2000s anime, if not the most iconic, but it is the mind games and suspense rather than character relationships that make the mystery anime so successful. With Light and Misa as the main couple, Death Note didn't really give us any relationships to root for, but did Light even love Misa?

About Light and Misa

Did Light Love Misa in Death Note 1
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Misa is first introduced as a model who became a supporter of Kira when he killed the man who murdered her parents.

Despite her often unnervingly cheerful demeanor, this fanatical support of Kira, who was, after all, also a cold-blooded murderer, already hints at her unstable personality - especially when it's revealed that there's virtually nothing she will not do for him.

While her idolization of Kira might be justified by her impressionable personality and the trauma of losing her family, fans of the show are also eternally annoyed by how quickly she fell in love with Light.

Although in many ways, Misa is portrayed as a clueless victim manipulated by Light, she shows a cruel side. Before even meeting Light, she was already involved in Kira-style murders with her own Death Note, and when the two start working together, she doesn't hesitate to kill innocents for him.

More than that, she even expressed willingness to kill other girls if they went close to him - though, ironically, it was always Light who caused anyone close to him - including women associated with him - to die.

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Did Light Love Misa?

Did Light Love Misa in Death Note 2
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Credit: Madhouse

Light and Misa date for a large part of Death Note but it's clear that he never loved her. This makes what happened to Misa all the more tragic and ironic.

Throughout the anime, Light manipulates Misa and uses her as a tool to keep his identity a secret.

The creator of the show has said in an interview that Light could never love a woman. Fans like to speculate whether that means that Light is not heterosexual or that he simply cannot care for anyone in any way, but, given his treatment of his own family, it's most likely the latter.

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The ending of Death Note came a long time ago, and, since then, anime with more interesting pairings and female leads have come out.

Even so, it's impossible not to wonder how much more interesting the anime could have been if the main female character hadn't literally declared that she is willing to be manipulated by the main lead.

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