What Happened to Misa in Death Note Explained

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What Happened to Misa in Death Note Explained
Credit: Madhouse

The ending of Death Note was memorable, partly due to how different it was in tone compared to the rest of the anime. Light's fate was shocking for fans, with some feeling that his character arc should have been resolved in a different way. But while everyone has an opinion about the ending of the iconic mystery anime, there's relatively less discussion about Misa's fate. So, what happened to Misa in Death Note?

Disclaimer: If you have currently watching Death Note, you might want to return to this article later as there will be spoilers ahead.

About Misa Amane

What Happened to Misa Amane in Death Note Explained
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Credit: Madhouse

Misa Amane is first introduced as a model, actor. She's thankful to Kira - Light's alias - for killing her family's murderer, which eventually leads her to become a second Kira when she receives her own Death Note.

Unlike Light, she has traded half her lifespan for Shinigami eyes, so that she can see other people's lifespans and even figure out Kira's identity.

Throughout the anime, she becomes attached to Light and the two start dating. While Misa is genuinely devoted, Light exploits her to achieve his goals.

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What Happened to Misa?

What Happened to Misa in Death Note? Ending
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Credit: Madhouse

CW: Mention of Suicide

The Death Note anime is not explicit about Misa's fate, but it's heavily implied that she committed suicide in the end.

After Light's death, we see her boarding a train with a somber expression, unlike her usual cheerful manner. She is then seen on top of a tall building, and it is suggested that she jumped, presumably due to her grief.

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In Death Note 13: How to Read, an encyclopedia-style guide about the manga, Death Note author, Tsugumi Ohba, states that Misa likely committed suicide, but still leaves the ending quite open to interpretation.

Earlier in the series, Misa had given up half her lifespan to gain Shinigami eyes. She was then tricked to shorten her lifespan by half another time, in order to help Light.

It's unclear whether or not her possible suicide is a result of her drastically shortened lifespan, or if it was an abrupt ending that had nothing to do with her lifespan.

Overall, Misa is one of the most recognizable Death Note characters due to her attractive design and bold mannerisms. Some fans dislike Misa because of her clingy nature and cliched personality but, ultimately, she was a victim of Kira, who exploited her devotion until the end.

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