21 May 2021 6:04 PM +00:00 UTC

Did Army of The Dead Ending Reveal What Happens in the Zack Snyder Sequel?

It's true when they say that, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." But maybe the zombies didn't know about that. There are speculations that the ending of Army of the Dead confirmed that the sequel will take place in a completely new location.

In Army of the Dead, a group of soldiers are sent on a casino heist in the middle of a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas. Soon, it is revealed that the zombies have Alphas, a more intelligent breed who are directly infected by their leader known as Zeus.

Luckily, Zeus is killed by Scott Ward while the rest of the zombies are nuked. But it looks like the worst is yet to come. The last few minutes of the film put the focus on Vanderohe, who was thrown into the casino vault and survived the nuclear blast. He manages to walk out of Vegas and find a car so he drives to Utah to rent a private plane that would take him to Mexico City.

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Interestingly, Vanderohe suddenly becomes ill while they are on the plane and when he checks, it is revealed that he has been bitten. Since the only zombie he had been in close contact with is Zeus, it is believed that he will turn into an Alpha and spread the infection once he touches down in Mexico City.


So could this be the premise of Army of the Dead 2? For now, Netflix has not yet confirmed a second film. Nevertheless, it would make sense to follow Vanderohe in the sequel.

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