Diablo III Eternal Collection for Nintendo Switch Gets November Release Date

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Blizzard has revealed that Diablo III Eternal Collection will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 2. This is pretty great news since fans were expecting the game to come much later, maybe even in 2019, so it seems like they were working on this port for quite some time. Plus, the game was only announced last month so the November release date can be considered quick.

The Switch port of Diablo III comes with all of the expansions that were previously released on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. These expansions are Reaper of Souls and Rise of the Necromancer. Switch owners will also be getting exclusive gear based on The Legend of Zelda, which essentially turns the player's character into Ganondorf.

Constantly being updated and endlessly replayable, the action RPG is a perfect suit for the Switch. The simple but fun combat and endless gameplay modes make this hack-and-slash title perfect for handheld gaming that the Switch can provide.


If there are any complaints to be had, it's that the game is full-priced even though it was released years ago. Ports are usually cheaper so this is a bit disappointing. Still, if it continues to be supported on this system for years to come, the price might be more worth it.

Will you be picking up Diablo III Eternal Collection when it comes out on November 2? Let us know in the comments below.

Via Business Wire

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