Detective Comics #1000: Why The New Arkham Knight Hates Batman

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Detective Comics #1000 comes out next week and is expected to be the big 80th anniversary for Batman. Fans already knew that DC would be releasing a 96-page special that will have a variety of stories from a number of creators, including the introduction of a new Arkham Knight from current Detective Comics writer Peter J. Tomasi and artist Doug Mahnke.

Seems like this Arkham Knight will be different from the video game version, firstly by not being Jason Todd, and by thinking that Batman is "the villain." During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tomasi revealed that this version of the Arkham Knight sees Batman as a detriment to Gotham City and he isn't completely wrong. When you consider the number of villains that are only there because of Batman, this new villain does have a point.

"It comes from the Arkham Knight, from their perspective as it plays out from that from that story — and then of course through the subsequent storyline. We really start to peel back the layers to their perspective which, due to their upbringing, is very much tainted by [the idea of] Batman being a villain. In Arkham Knight's eyes, Batman is just a dark black hole over Gotham, and continues to suck the life energy out of it."

Tomasi has written a number of excellent Batman stories before so it seems like this will be another hit from this creative team. He also wrote a number of the Batman: Arkham Knight tie-in comic books so it seems like Tomasi is the perfect person to bring this villain to the main DC universe.

Detective Comics #1000 comes out on March 27.

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