Dennis Haysbert Cast as God in Lucifer Season 5

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It looks like Lucifer finally has an actor to play God.

Dennis Haysbert has just been cast in Lucifer, and it looks like the actor known for his role as President David Palmer in Fox's American action drama television series, 24. According to a report by Entertainment Weekly, Netflix has just cast Haysbert to play the Almighty himself in the fifth season of the urban fantasy series, Lucifer.

This is big news for Lucifer fans. Not only has God has been frequently mentioned in the series , but he's been driving the narrative of the show. Unfortunately, God has never really appeared in a single episode of Lucifer, though he was voiced in the last episode of season 3 by Lucifer character creator Neil Gaiman.


Speaking about the process behind selecting the actor to play such a major persona in Lucifer, series co-showrunner notes that the team had a major list of names before they ultimately decided on casting Haysbert as God.

Outside of 24, Haysbert is known for appearances in commercials for Allstate Insurance. He's played several roles in film and television as well, playing baseball player Pedro Cerrano in the Major League film trilogy and Tim Collin in the political thriller movie, Absolute Power.

We're all excited to see how the appearance of God is going to drive the story in the fifth season of Lucifer. During the end of the last batch of episodes, fans got to see Chloe (Laura German) finally confessing her feelings to Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), though the confession came at the worst time for the Devil.

Lucifer season 5 doesn't have a release date yet, though fans are expecting it to come out this year.

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