Delicious in Dungeon Manga Set to End Ahead of Anime

Delicious in Dungeon Manga Marcille

Delicious in Dungeon Manga Marcille

While fans are still eagerly awaiting the anime’s release, it was revealed recently that the Delicious in Dungeon manga is about to end soon.

On the latest volume of Kadokawa’s Harta magazine, the Delicious in Dungeon manga’s finale has been teased, and it is set to release in the magazine’s next issue.

Because of this, it’s pretty much confirmed that the fantasy manga will end with its next chapter, though it’s not clear yet how this will affect the upcoming anime series which is one of the most anticipated of next year.

Delicious in Dungeon: One of 2024’s Most Anticipated New Anime

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Delicious in Dungeon (or Dungeon Meshi) is a manga series by Ryoko Kui that began back in February 2014. But because of its monthly release schedule, the series has less than 100 chapters.

Despite its release schedule, the manga has gotten quite a large and dedicated fanbase, enough that it has millions of copies in print.

The manga is set to get an anime in early 2024, and it’s likely to boost the manga’s popularity even more given how a lot of anime fans are excited to see the adaptation.

Renowned anime studio Trigger is behind the upcoming anime. This also explains why the show has a lot of hype behind it.

After all, Trigger is easily one of the most popular anime studios in the world thanks to its distinctive titles.

Trigger is perhaps best known now for Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, though the studio has also made a name for itself with titles like Kill la Kill and SSSS.Gridman.

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Delicious in Dungeon Manga Is Ending in One Chapter

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While the anime is set to premiere in January 2024, the manga is ending soon, as per the recent teaser in Harta magazine.

Not a lot of details were given about what to expect in the finale, though some fans expected this to be the case given that reports have already surfaced previously before the official announcement.

This also means that the Delicious in Dungeon manga’s official ending date is going to be September 15, 2023, as that is the release date of Harta magazine’s 107th volume.

While some fans don’t wish for the manga to end just yet, others believe that the series had a good run and are hoping it gets a proper conclusion.

On the bright side, the manga ending means it’s more likely that its entire story may be adapted into an anime as it’ll only take 2-3 seasons to do so.

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