Deadpool Hilariously Greets One Direction’s Zayn Malik A Happy Birthday

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Ever since production wrapped, we haven't been getting that much scoops on Deadpool 2; with the movie getting pushed forward to May, however, you bet that the marketing campaign is going to start pretty soon. Here's a new video of Deadpool himself greeting One Direction's Zayn Malik on his birthday.

Aside from the movie being a blast, a huge chunk of Deadpool's success can be attributed to its uniquely creative marketing. With superhero movies getting promoted here and there, Deadpool makes do with promoting its humor and R-rated violence—not to mention Ryan Reynolds is just a hoot.


With Deadpool 2 coming out in the middle of May, it looks like the studio is very confident with what director David Leitch has come up with. The movie will be competing with the likes of Avengers: Infinity War and Solo: A Star Wars Story when it comes out; I just don't see what was so bad about having the film come out in June. Wonder Woman did the same thing last year, and it turned out fine!

With the movie introducing characters like Cable and Domino, the Deadpool seems to be upping the ante as compared to the first movie. Even with the Disney/Fox acquisition, it's said that the studio is still planning on releasing an X-Force movie, with this film serving as the set-up.

Deadpool 2 is set to come out May 18.

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