Deadpool 2: Stephen Lang Jokes About Training Josh Brolin For Cable

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The end-credits scene of the first Deadpool movie teased the arrival of mutant Cable/Nathan Summers in the sequel, and a lot of fans started speculating which actor was best for the part. One of the top contenders was Avatar's Stephen Lang, but he ultimately lost it to Josh Brolin; now Lang shares an old photo of himself with Brolin and jokes about himself schooling Brolin for the role.

Check it out:


When it was pointed out by fans that Lang would have made the perfect Cable, Lang was on board, and he had been campaigning to get cast in the movie until the announcement to have Brolin as Nathan Summers was made. Though one can argue that Brolin won the part because he was younger, Lang was notably in tip top shape when he was campaigning for the role.

For now, Lang is attached to star in James Cameron's sequels to his 2009 hit, Avatar. Though his character Col. Quaritch may have died in the first movie, I'm curious how Cameron is planning to bring him back.

If it's not a clone, I'm guessing this new Quaritch is going to have to be a terminator or a twin brother; or a flashback character, who knows?


For now, we can catch Brolin in Deadpool 2 which is set to come out May 18.

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