Deadpool: Fan-Favorite Actor Unsure if They're Returning for MCU Sequel

Credit: Fox

Credit: Fox

Comic book film fans are uber-excited for the much-awaited return of Deadpool on the big screen, this time, under the Marvel Cinematic Universe banner. Now, we still don't know much about Deadpool 3 other than the fact that it'll see Ryan Reynolds and his Free Guy director Shawn Levy reunite.

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Credit: Fox

Plot details are still vague as it stands but Kevin Feige himself previously assured fans that Wade Wilson will continue to enjoy the perks of having an R-rated environment, so some fans can stop worrying about their favorite anti-hero being a watered-down version of his FoxVerse self.

Reynolds has constantly been keeping fans updated regarding the status of the project but one actor isn't sure if she's even part of it all. In an interview with Syfy Wire, actress Morena Baccarin, who plays Deadpool's love interest Vanessa revealed that she still hasn't received any memo from the studio regarding her return. She remains hopeful though that one of these days, Marvel Studios will finally be giving her that call. She said: "I haven’t gotten that phone call yet. But maybe soon."

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Well, to be fair, considering production for Deadpool 3 has yet to kickstart, it's not a surprise how Morena or any of her co-stars for that matter have yet to get the go-signal from Marvel Studios. But I'm pretty sure she'll end up becoming part of the sequel since it'll be a direct follow-up to Deadpool 2. There's also a reason why she ended up living after the sequel because frankly speaking, what would Wade Wilson be without the love of his life, right?

Marvel Studios' Deadpool 3 is in active development.

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