Deadpool 3: Bella Thorne Breaks Silence on Lady Deadpool Casting

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Credit: Lotus Production

A lot of buzz surrounds the official Marvel Cinematic Universe debut of Deadpool and while we're still being kept in the dark as to how it will happen, we know for a fact that Marvel Studios has no plans of rebooting the character played to perfection by Ryan Reynolds. In fact, it has long been confirmed that a third installment in the Deadpool franchise is currently in development with Reynolds serving as one of the film's creative minds.

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Credit: Fox

Just recently, it was also confirmed that Shawn Levy, the director of Ryan's Free Guy will be helming the project. Now, we don't know for sure what happens the next time we see Wade Wilson on the big screen but some fans have been clamoring to see his multiversal counterpart Wanda Wilson aka Lady Deadpool in the MCU.

Actress Bella Thorne is the top choice amongst fans to play the character and admittedly, the rising star is a huge fan of the superhero film genre, especially the Deadpool franchise. Speaking with ComicBookMovie, the 24-year-old pop star gushed about her love for action.

Bella said: "Yes, superheroes are definitely fun. I love action stuff, naturally, and I do a lot of action stuff with stunts and whatnot. It’s just always really fun on set and it breaks up the work day when you get to concentrate on the body and feel and how to perform not just using your voice. That’s always really fun for me."

As for the possibility of her joining the franchise as Lady Deadpool, Thorne gladly volunteered and pretty much called out Marvel Studios' attention. She added: "Guys! I’m here. Where are you at?"

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Well, considering Marvel is tapping into the multiverse, presumably incorporating the concept for the foreseeable future, the chances of Wade Wilson meeting his "variant" doesn't seem too farfetched.

Meanwhile, the Merc with a Mouth's highly-anticipated MCU debut will reportedly happen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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