Deadpool 3: Short-Lived Character Reportedly Returning in Sequel

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Credit: Fox

A lot of intrigue surrounds Ryan Reynold's third Deadpool film as fans of the X-Men spinoff film are wondering how Marvel Studios will pull an R-rated project given Disney's emphasis on family-oriented content. As it stands, details about the highly anticipated project have remained under wraps and bafflingly enough, it looks like Kevin Feige and his crew aren't in a hurry to bring Wade Wilson to the fold.

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Credit: Fox

Now, it looks like an A-list celebrity is setting his sights on making another appearance in the upcoming sequel. According to the folks over at Giant Freakin Robot, Brad Pitt is currently in negotiations to star in Deadpool 3.

If you may recall, Deadpool 2 saw the Merc with a Mouth assemble his own team of heroes who possessed strange abilities after the X-Men refused to join him on his mission. However, just as their journey was about to unfold, each of them, including Pitt's character died in a horrific fashion.

The only X-Force member to survive was Domino who used her bizarre "luck" powers. As it stands, Pitt's role has not been disclosed but it's safe to say that he'll make a return as Vanisher.

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The 2018 blockbuster's end-credits scene saw Wade Wilson turn back time to reverse the deaths of his X-Force compeers and while we only saw him save Rob Delaney's non-superpowered character Peter, it's safe to assume that the rest of the team made it out alive without getting a single scratch.

As for Deadpool 3, the film's official release date has yet to be announced.