Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds' Production Company Will Be Reportedly Involved

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Back when the Deadpool films were made by 20th Century Fox, besides playing the titular hero, Ryan Reynolds is also involved behind the scenes as a producer. Now that the character is owned by Marvel Studios and is moving forward to making the third film, there are some who are wondering if Reynolds will also continue to serve as producer besides continuing to play him. Now, it looks like that will actually be the case.

Per Murphy's Multiverse, as noted by Forbes' recent profile on Reynolds, Maximum Effort Productions, the actor's production company, will be co-producing Deadpool 3 along with Marvel Studios. It will be similar to the set-up on the Spider-Man "Homecoming" trilogy in the MCU which is co-produced by Marvel Studios and Amy Pascal's Pascal Pictures for Sony.

It is not surprising that Reynolds will be fully involved as a producer in the third film since he also served in the same capacity in the first two films as well as in some of his recent films. It also just shows that Kevin Feige is open for other producer collaborators in some of his MCU projects since most of their films and TV shows are solely produced by Marvel Studios.

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So what does it all mean about Deadpool 3? It simply means that there will be some sort of continuity in terms of the tone given that Reynolds will continue his behind-the-scenes involvement in the franchise and it assures us fans that, even if the character is now under Disney, it is likely that it will retain its R-rated schtick like in the first two films.

This is definitely good news since everyone loves the character because of Reynolds' portrayal of him and this just shows that he will continue to be involved in shaping him as he is now part of the MCU (as far as we know). While the plot details are still under wraps, we should be hearing more news about it in the next few months especially now that they hired Shawn Levy to direct the film.

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There is no release window set yet for Deadpool 3, but it is likely that production will begin next year.

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