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Deadpool 3 Reportedly Casts Chris Evans But NOT as Captain America

Credit: Marvel Studios

The Marvel Cinematic Universe's ongoing Multiverse Saga hasn't even reached its peak yet but the things that have taken place in Phase Four alone have been nothing short of spectacular. Now that Phase Five is upon us, expect crazier things to go down, especially when it comes to cameos. Apparently, all of the multiversal cameos we've seen so far pale in comparison to what the next MCU projects leading up to Avengers: Secret Wars will deliver.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Speaking of exciting and mindblowing cameos, a new report claims that one of the franchise's pioneers will be making his return in Deadpool 3, only this time around, they're playing a different character or should we say revisiting an old role.

According to a scoop from Twitter page @Culture_Spider, Chris Evans will reprise his role as Johnny Storm aka Human Torch in the Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman team-up film. Of course, longtime followers of the Marvel film franchise are well aware that long before the MCU's inception, the Captain America actor was part of Fox's Fantastic Four films.

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The most recent reports claim that Deadpool 3 will feature characters from the FoxVerse and it will be a recurring theme as the Multiverse Saga culminates in Phase Six. As for Evans, the 41-year-old star, who was recently hailed 2022's Sexiest Man Alive has long been rumored for an MCU return. In fact, rumors began swirling in early 2021 that he inked a new deal with Marvel Studios although both parties have already dismissed it.

As it stands, nothing has been officially confirmed yet but the idea doesn't seem too farfetched when you think about it.

Deadpool 3 is scheduled to hit cinemas on November 8, 2024.

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