Deadpool 2's Second Cable Photo Teases The Possibility Of Hope Summer’s Appearance

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Last week, Deadpool 2 gave fans their first look at Zazie Beetz's Domino. This week Deadpool star Ryan Reynold's dropped the first official image of Josh Brolin's cable.

Now the Hollywood star offers an even better look at Nathan Summers, posting an image that not only shows off the mutant's visage but also features the time-traveling cyborg's get-up. Though Brolin's version of Cable doesn't wear his usual blue and yellow-themed outfit, he still carries with him his oversized gun.

The image also reveals a cute surprise – the mutant has a teddybear strapped to the side of his leg.

Fans who've read the comicbooks have probably already connected the cuddly toy to Hope Summers, the mutant that came out of the dystopian world build out of the "M-day" event. Cable saw Hope as a messiah figure and though others believed that the child was an antichrist fated to kill millions, Nathan took the young mutant and started caring for her.


Traveling through time to escape persecution, Cable raises hope and child grows to become an Omega-level mutant with the ability to control psychic energy and copy the powers of other people.

Could the teddy bear really be Hope's? Could she actually make an appearance alongside Nathan in Deadpool 2 ? Or could the movie focus on searching for a lost Hope? Let's wait and see.

Deadpool 2 hits cinemas June 1, 2018.

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