Deadpool 2: Concept Art Features Tim Miller's Version of Cable

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Tim Miller was originally set to direct the Deadpool sequel, but he left the project due to some creative differences. Some concept art of Miller's version of the characters have been coming out online, and now we have a look at what Cable could have been.

Check it out:

This concept art was probably done way before they even cast Josh Brolin in the role, but you can already see some of the influence that made it into the final cut. Cable may not have had a blue jumpsuit in the comics, but he did have a future poncho much like one of the images in this set.


Before Brolin was cast, a lot of rumors were going around on who would take over the role. One such actor was Brad Pitt, who everyone thought was almost cast since there was concept art of him as Cable that leaked. If anything, the movie made a great choice with Brolin, and it even allowed for Reynolds to poke fun at his role of Thanos with the MCU.

For now, Brolin and the rest of the DP2 actors have their own other projects, but they are set to return for an X-Force movie. Tricky thing is, we don't know if that film is still moving forward since Marvel Studios could have different plans for how Marvel Fox will be integrated into the MCU.

Deadpool 2 is now available on digital.

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