Deadpool 2 Concept Art Shows Comic-Accurate Domino

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Though a lot of people liked Zazie Beetz as Domino in Deadpool 2, she is admittedly far from the albino assassin that we know from the comics. Apparently, when Tim Miller was still attached to direct, there was some concept art made for a more comic-faithful Domino.

Check it out:


I'll admit, though I wanted to see an albino Domino in the film, I was still happy with what Beetz brought to the table. Apparently, she won the role because she was one of the few actresses who could keep up with Ryan Reynolds' improv. Plus, I think her Domino ended up looking way more interesting than the one we see in this concept art.

For now, Reynolds is busy promoting the home release of Deadpool 2 which just hit digital. After that, him, Brolin, and Beetz are set to star in an X-Force film. We don't know the status of that movie after the Disney/Fox acquisition, but I hope that Marvel Studios comes up with a great way to integrate Marvel Fox with their larger MCU.

Honestly, I'm fine with a reboot, but it would be criminal to recast Ryan Reynolds from the Deadpool role.

Catch Deadpool 2 now available on digital.

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