DCU Fans Name their Perfect Candidate for Lois Lane in James Gunn's Superman

DCU's Superman: Legacy is two years away now, but fans are already campaigning for the precise actor to assume the role of Lois Lane in the upcoming iteration of the film. James Gunn announced the studio's first round of projects that will rebrand the DC Universe. No one has been cast for the major roles, but fans are hoping they can help with that department as they make their choices for the ensemble, starting with Superman’s other half.

Reddit user Blue Robin 04 expresses his desire to see Riverdale actress Camila Mendes play the DC Universe's Lois Lane opposite the yet-to-be-recast Superman. The DC fan claims that Mendes' performance as Veronica Lodge in Riverdale is similar to Lois Lane's characterization because of Veronica's sweet but tough personality. He also pointed out the resemblance of the actress to the Daily Planet reporter.

Fellow Redditors expressed their enthusiasm for the fantastic and emphasized that Mendes' age roughly corresponds to the comic book character, given that Superman: Legacy is set to be released on July 11, 2025. The Riverdale star will be 31 by that time, while the DC Universe's Superman will be around 25—an age difference that has been seen in previous depictions of the characters.

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Lois Lane is a character that has been portrayed by other great actors who gave her a distinct likeness and appearance that fans seem to be enticed by. Margot Kidder gave that innocent yet stubborn take on the character, while Amy Adams’ redhead Lois became an affectionate iteration in the DCEU, and Elizabeth Tulloch's version jumped right into the battlefield in Superman and Lois. In Riverdale, Mendes already showcases all these qualities through her character, Veronica.

Given that Gunn’s Superman is still in early development, Mendes may or may not have that chance to be a frontrunner as Lois Lane. But if DC Studios will listen to the fans' outcry, which they rarely do, the Do Revenge star will be able to exhibit more of her versatility in one of the world’s major franchises.

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