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DCU Fans are Making Fun of Flash's New Live-Action Costume

Credit: WB

We've all discussed just how inconsistent the DC Universe has been since its inception but giving credit where credit is due, the divisive franchise has undeniably delivered the goods when it comes to costumes. Well, except for one and that is Ezra Miller's Flash suit.

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Credit: WB

For the longest time, fans have been finding it hard to take his version of the Scarlet Speedster seriously due to his costume. For the better part of Ezra Miller's tenure as Barry Allen, we've always seen him sport the "SnyderVerse" suit which is frankly just a red-plated armor more than anything and doesn't remotely resemble the source material.

Of course, the easiest explanation for that is Barry didn't have the means to create his own advanced suit until he met Bruce Wayne aka Batman. This is why for his first solo outing, he's getting a long overdue upgrade. Still, the creative choices Warner Bros. has done have been deemed questionable.

For starters, his new headgear looks too big in comparison to his old one. Apparently, his multiversal counterpart also shares the same costume issues. A new promotional image for the DCU flick is making the rounds online and gives fans a more detailed look at multiverse Barry's Flash costume which is basically a makeshift suit using parts of Michael Keaton's Batman costume.

Obviously, it carries over the design of the 1989 Batsuit with the neck looking quite prominent, to say the least. Naturally, it spawned several jokes and memes on social media as fans couldn't help but point out the obvious. Check it out here:

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In other news, Ezra's future in the DCU has reportedly been set in stone and despite previous reports claiming WB Discovery has been very pleased with The Flash's most recent test screenings, James Gunn and Peter Safran still intend to remove the actor along with other established stars from the franchise.

The Flash is scheduled for release on June 23, 2023.

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