02 Mar 2021 3:12 PM +00:00 UTC

DC’s First Green Lantern Officially Admits to His Children that He is Gay

The first Green Lantern of the DC Comics universe is Alan Scott. The character has been identified and confirmed as gay back in May 2012. At the time of the reveal, the character was established in the parallel Earth 2 comic book series.

The character's status in the Earth 2 comic book series was still Allan Scott's plight when he was returned to the 1940s continuity. During the continuity, the character was released in the James Tynion IV and Gary Frank's Green Lantern 80th Anniversary Special as a closeted gay man, living in a far more oppressive period of time.

It was announced that Alan Scott will not return to the main DC universe line. He will come along with the Justice Society of America's return in the Justice League. Some fans have asked what would his return mean to Alan's children who are also JSA members, namely Jade and Obsidian.

Alan's children were removed in the New 52 comics in 2011. However, the return of their father in the main DC universe will also mean that they will return to the DC Comics continuity in Infinite Frontier.

Green Lantern Alan Scott
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Credit: DC Comics

Alan Scott said that he did love the women he married with all his mind but knew there was something in him that he hid from everyone. His son, Obsidian, told his father that they love him and urged him to just drop the ‘preamble'. Alan goes on to tell his kids that he is gay. His daughter Jade immediately hugs him.

The publication of DC's Infinite Frontier #0 has once again confirmed and addressed Alan Scott as a gay man. He talked with his kids about marrying many women in his life, hiding his true self, having his children, and embracing himself.

DC's Infinite Frontier #0 was released on March 2, 2021.

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