DC's DCeased Variants Pay Tribute to Horror Movies

Tom Taylor's upcoming DCeased storyline has fans up in arms since the writer is notorious for killing fan-favorites thanks to his stellar Injustice comics. Fans are pretty pumped to see what Taylor does, especially since it won't be canon to the main universe, giving him more freedom than usual. To celebrate, DC has revealed that their variant covers for the event will pay tribute to classic horror movies.

So far, only three of the six covers have been revealed, which is expected since not all of them have been solicited yet. What we have is pretty great though. The first issue is a tribute to Stephen King's classic It, which has Robin and The Joker replace the child and evil clown. The second variant is an homage to Nightmare on Elm Street, with Batman replacing Freddy Kruger and Poison Ivy replacing Nancy. Finally, we have a creepy Superman cover that is based on The Nun. Yikes.

All of these are really well done and we can't wait to see the final three horror movie-themed variants. Horror movies tend to have the best movie posters so it's easy to see why DC would want an excuse to emulate them. Here is hoping that DCeased is as scary as these movies.

DCeased comes out on May 1.

Via Newsarama

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