DC’s Blue Beetle Film Is Set in Motion as a Director Has Been Tapped to Start Working on the Film

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A Blue Beetle movie is currently in development as Warner Bros and DC Films have tapped a director to helm the film. The standalone DC movie is written by Gareth Dunnet Alcocer.

The upcoming Blue Beetle movie will be directed by Charm City Kings director, Angel Manuel Soto. The film will be DC's first live-action movie starring a Latino superhero. Blue Beetle will be added to the list of the upcoming DC films and series. The current list of films confirmed includes James Gunn's The Suicide Squad, Matt Reeves' The Batman, as well as sequels for Aquaman and Shazam.

Blue Beetle in the DC
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Credit: DC

Soto told The Wrap that it is an honor to direct Blue Beetle which is the first Latino superhero film for DC. He is truly thankful to Warner Bros and DC for trusting him with the project.


Blue Beetle was last announced in November 2018 but there was no announcement and little movement on the project until the current update about its director. Currently, there is no actor attached to play the role.

Blue Beetle was a character created by Fox Comics in 1939. There were different versions of the character that appeared in Fox and Charlton Comics. DC acquired the character in the early ‘80s. In 2006, Blue Beetle's alter-ego is known as Jaime Reyes who is a Mexican-American teenager from El Paso, Texas. Jaime Reyes fights evil and crime, using a suit made from ancient alien battle armor.

Blue Beetle debuted in DC in 2006's Infinite Crisis #3 by John Rogers, Cully Hammer, and Keith Griffen. In that debut, he received his powers through an alien scarab.

The production for the film is expected to begin this fall.

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