DC Reportedly Working on Batman Beyond Animated Movie

It is pretty clear at this point that DC Studios chiefs James Gunn and Peter Safran are starting with a fresh slate on the new DCU franchise when they announced the first slate a couple of weeks ago. While there are a few remnants of the DCEU, it is mostly a reboot and the direction is vastly different from its predecessor.

We've also heard about several projects that were in development during the previous regime of DC that got axed before and after the announcement that Gunn and Safran made regarding the DCU franchise. However, despite that, it looks like there is still a project that continues to be in the works.

Reporter Jeff Sneider recently revealed in The Hot Mic podcast that a Batman Beyond animated film project that was commissioned by previous chairman Walter Hamada is still in development at DC Studios. Gunn and Safran have not pulled the plug on the project as of today.

F9 writer Daniel Casey has written multiple drafts of the screenplay and the project is said to be DC's answer to the huge success of the Sony/Marvel animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

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So far, Warner Bros. and DC Studios have not confirmed the details. There are also previous reports that claimed that a Batman Beyond live-action film starring Michael Keaton was also in the works with Christina Hodson penning the screenplay. However, that project has been already shelved.

It is interesting to hear that a Batman Beyond animated film project is currently in the works at DC which might be exciting for fans of the animated series or the character in general. It certainly has the potential to garner interest from the audience if it actually happens.

However, since Gunn and Safran are seemingly determined to work on their own slate for the new DCU franchise, there is a chance that it will end up getting canceled. At the same time, perhaps they could turn it into an Elseworlds movie instead. We shall wait and see.

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