DC Reveals Harley Quinn's New Suicide Squad Costume

Harley Quinn has evolved so much since she was first introduced in Batman: The Animated Series. Although she was initially shown in a red and black jester costume in the show, her outfit has changed since she made the jump into the comic books and eventually, the big screen. Not surprisingly, Harley is set to keep changing costumes as she is set to return in a DC comic book series. The new costume has been revealed and it's a surprising change for the character.

Harley's New 52 appearance has made it clear that she is being distanced from the Joker as she works more closely with the Suicide Squad. The character has been a huge part of the current Suicide Squad comic series and is expected to appear in its final issue. Interestingly, artist Bruno Redondo has confirmed in a tweet that Harley is getting a new costume that somehow pays tribute to her original jester suit. Check it out below.

"Just talked with @whatthe_shea and she gave me permission to share this: Harley's new suit in last #SuicideSquad chapter (without the mask) @TomTaylorMade #SquadGoalsDC," Redondo wrote.

It's an interesting look considering that it features the two-color pigtails from Margot Robbie's version of the character but is decidedly less form-fitting than the usual Harley outfits. In addition to that, we're loving the coattails on her jacket.

Suicide Squad #11 is written by Tom Taylor and is set to be the final issue of the series. It will be released on November 24.

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