DC May Have Killed a Known Villain in Watchmen Crossover

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Crossovers and events can be notorious for its crazy ideas. But it also important that what happens in them will be something that can be followed through.

Ever since the first time it was teased, fans have been frantic over the fact that a small pin would link the world of the Watchmen to the DC Comics universe. But this meet-up in the Batman and The Flash crossover titles may actually prove fatal to one known villain of The Flash.

According to Comicbook.com, in the first of the four-part crossover, it's possible that the Reverse-Flash, a.k.a. Eobard Thawne may have me his doom at the hands of that yellow pin. Owned by The Comedian, the pin was ripe for the picking, which Reverse-Flash did after fighting off with Batman.


There are hints that the pin had some kind of energy because of the Medusa Mask and the Psycho Pirate. Touching the pin had triggered the release of a big zap of blue energy that seems to engulf Reverse-Flash. He reappeared afterwards, mumbling something about seeing God before collapsing.

The blue energy is reportedly from Doctor Manhattan. And as the story goes, the biggest question now is why the Reverse-Flash was killed instead of taken into captivity. Perhaps this is the difference for the unexpected death.

Now the question is whether this death at the start of the movie is similar to how Watchmen began—the death of The Comedian. Are we looking at parallels for this crossover? Stay tuned for more of the crossover series.

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