Squirrel Girl’s Squad Revealed for New Warriors TV Series

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Marvel and Freeform are on a roll with its straight to series titles. Following the new reveals for casting roles in Marvel's Cloak and Dagger, another series has been confirmed—and it casts some nuts-crazy bunch.

USA Today got an exclusive sneak peek of the New Warriors' roster, and Squirrel Girl is leading the gang. Executive Producer Kevin Biegel revealed that there will be six youngsters who will be featured in the Marvel action comedy series, and it seems that the voice is something that will resound to Millennials everywhere.

"Most of them would settle but some of those kids would keep going and get into their 20s with these hopes. It's hard, and how do you make money doing it?"

Here are the six members of the New Warriors:

Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl: Just like her looks in the comics, Squirrel Girl will retain her cutesy but spunky personality alongside superhuman strength and acrobatic abilities. She seems like the typical hero, one who is caring and determined, but has her own streak of stubbornness that can leave haters behind.
Craig Hollis/Mister Immortal: The jaded one who, ironically, couldn't supposedly die. He makes trouble, but he's no lonely emo, because he's equally parts cocky and grumpy.
Dwayne Taylor/Night Thrasher: From the looks of it, he's like a cross between Tony Stark (the wealth, parents killed when he was young, businessman whose only power is he's rich) and Captain America (all about justice).
Robbie Baldwin/Speedball: Immature and impulsive seems like fitting descriptions for someone named Speedball. He has the ability to whip out and kick ass with kinetic balls of energy.
Zack Smith/Microbe: As his name suggests, his power has something to do with germs. His telepathic abilities seem to be limited to microbes, but he's all about connecting and hanging out with a group that he can call family.
Deborah Fields/Debrii: As heavy as debris sounds, Debrii's backstory is a lot heavier following personal loss because of the superheroes' doings. However, that hasn't gotten her snarky level or wit down. What's more, she's a proud and out lesbian in the show who has her own struggles.

Marvel and Freeform have yet to announce when New Warriors will arrive on TV.

It's good to see that Marvel isn't waning from upping its game for its TV universe. Its partnership with Freeform alone has already seen a lot of developments, seeing as how Marvel's Cloak and Dagger looks just as interesting at this point.

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